Mission & Vision

Our Mission

  • The mission of The F. S. Convent School is to research, design, and provide the best academic program and learning environment possible for the 21 st century education. Our goal is to facilitate the development of English language and to provide our students with the academic foundation necessary for them to reach their true potential and enjoy a successful experience in higher education.
  • Make every student confident regarding language abilities, well groomed personality and exposure to life in totality.
  • Make school accredited with International School ward from British Council.
  • Switch over to ICSE board from grade 1 to 10.
  • Pre-school wing association with IPC ( International Pre-School Curriculum ).

Our Vission

“Imparting Exceptional Convent Education”

The aim of the school is to create an academic and physical environment of a nature, which helps the children to become ideal members of the society develop skills and knowledge which is the envy of all and lastly, have a disciplined character embodied with the spiritual values of our Gurus.

  1. The media of teaching in school is English. 
  2. The aim of the school is to transform a child to a proud “FSCian” who is always:
    • 21 st century responsible citizen.
    • Regular, Punctual, Sincere & honest
    • Uses English as a means of communication.
    • Properly behaved, disciplined and courteous.