Why F S

FS CONVENT SCHOOL is known for -------


Enrich means to improve the quality by engaging the students & parents through different activities in a planned approach.

Empower is a process where individuals or groups  gain power, access the resources & control over their lives by adding skills.

Excel means making the students exceptionally good in activities & subjects.

ENRICH | EMPOWER | EXCEL stands for making every child a GOLBAL CITIZEN

  • Imparting Exceptional Convent Education

Convent education

  1. Value education commonly known as ‘Moral Science’
  2. English is the only language spoken inside the school premises .
  • Quality Education

Quality education refers to a system or product that has passed a certain set of criteria or principles. The standard approach in setting the criteria or principles for quality implies that quality can always be further improved.

Quality thus implies the maintenance and improvement of standards with the assumption that ‘standards’ are objective and quality is a continuous change.

Quality in education across the education system consists of the application of the principles of: Effective, Empowering, Equity, Sustainable, Appropriate, and Wellbeing & Safety (EEESAW).


  1. Effective : Education that is evidence based, cost effective & delivers intended outcomes
  2. Empowering : Education that enables
  3. Equitable : Education that is fair, accessible for all and inclusive
  4. Sustainable : Education that can be maintained at a certain rate or level that balances the requirements of social, economic and environmental development.
  5. Appropriate : Education that is suitable or relevant in circumstances
  6.  Wellbeing & Safety :  Education that protects & promotes health & wellbeing & strengthens resilience.    
Fs Convent School
  • Purposed ICSE Curriculum

Curriculum –It defines the course or program (lesson / academic content) offered by a Board.

ICSE – the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) is an education board conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE).


  1. Syllabus : CBSE syllabus is better when it comes to theoretical knowledge but when it comes to the practical knowledge ICSE syllabus have the upper hand.
  2. Easability : CBSE syllabus is found to be easier, well structured & compact while ICSE syllabus is followed by a higher level of English Language.

A higher level of English language in ICSE assists the students to perform better in exams like TOEFL

  1. Acceptability : CBSE board marks are accepted in all universities in India but for Foreign schools & universities ICSE certification is preferred.
  2. Level of Explanation : CBSE syllabus is precise & to the point while ICSE syllabus is more extensive which can be an advantage over other boards.
  3. Medium of Instructions : ICSE follows instructions in English language only.
  4. Teaching Style : ICSE follows learning through experiences & experiment in place of rote learning.
  • Highly Qualified & Experienced Faculty

Drawn from the reputed universities of India, the highly qualified and experienced faculty is the greatest asset of the FS CONVENT SCHOOL.FSCS faculty team includes outstanding educators from both the academic and non-academic sectors, contributing towards the overall professional and personal growth of the students.  

  1. All Teachers’ are system trained.
  2. All teachers’ are TET (Teaching Eligibility Test) qualified.
  3. All teachers’ hold Cerfication from different Teaching & Classroom management workshops.
  4. Time to time workshops are arranged for faculty members for enrichment in Teaching Learning process.